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Project, service, audit


Our projects are tailored to individual needs, based on client requirements. Our expert team ensures the highest level of service from the project phase to the completion.


We analyze the client's needs and infrastructure and provide personalized solutions that reduce costs and promote environmental sustainability.


Easy contact, responsiveness, and experience are important. We provide regular and repair services.


Supervision throughout every stage of the project ensures that the installations are of the finest quality.


Tailored to the actual individual needs of the customer.


Full responsibility for the assigned scope of the investment, quality control, and compliance with the highest occupational safety and health requirements.


Selected examples of our implementations

At this moment we do not have a described example.
Our latest implementation will appear soon....
Na ten moment nie mamy opisanego przykładu.
Najświeższa nasza realizacji pojawi się już wkrótce....

Let's keep in touch

mapa z zaznaczonymi siedzibami firmy SG Technologies w Warszawie, Sieradzu i Kielcach

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Monika Jastrzębska
Sales Director
Warsaw department
Łukasz Budziszewski
Key Account Director
Sieradz department
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